Granny Smith Mine, 144 Rooms
Nebo Junction QLD 216 Rooms
Woodside SA, HVAC upgrade
Indigenous Consulting
Asbestos Remediation
Mosman Park Residence
3 Bedroom house in Mosman Park
Water Recycling Woodside SA
Xanadu Winery WA
Bagot Wells Residence SA
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Working on Country

for a Brighter Future

PACM is an Indigenous enterprise committed to providing exceptional service to our customers, while creating employment and opportunities for Aboriginal people and businesses.  PACM brings together the expertise and experience of 3 indigenous companies to provide complete solutions to government, mining, and commercial customers Australia Wide.

ISO-9001 and 14001 Certified
FSC Safety Accreditation
Supply Nation Certified
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Parakeelya Architecture + Construction Management

Head Office: 322 Glen Osmond Rd. Myrtle Bank. South Australia 5064   Phone: 1300 335069

Granny Smith Mine, 144 Rooms