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Parakeelya Land Management is an Aboriginal enterprise providing land management, pest and weed control, land rehabilitation and Aboriginal labor hire

Working on Country for a Brighter Future

Parakeelya Land Management is an Aboriginal enterprise with offices in Broken Hill, Port Augusta & Adelaide CBD. Our business focuses on complete land management solutions for agriculture, mining and government.


Our core aim is to have a professional, respected and competitive Aboriginal business that focusses on the employment and development of Aboriginal people, with a priority around reducing recidivism.


The Broken Hill region has a high population of Aboriginal people, and equally little to no Aboriginal enterprises. Parakeelya is working on several projects associated with cultural site protection and training/work experience in feral pig eradication which includes developing skills in blood and tissue sampling, and engaging stakeholders from various interest groups to come to together to address large scale land management problems

Land Management

Within the Far West NSW region the land economy is based on grazing (sheep, cattle, goats), dryland agriculture (cereals in the southern Mallee), irrigated agriculture (cotton, horticulture and viticulture),


The region has significant issues with feral animal and pest weeds which impact on the productivity, profitability and effective management of land. 


Further to this feral animals can be vehicles for the spread of endemic parasites and diseases, some of which can affect other animals or people.

Feral animals include goats, pigs, foxes, rabbits, dogs and to a lesser degree donkey camel are problematic. The management and control of these animals comes at a considerable cost in both time and funds, and decreases land value.

Parakeelya Land Management aims to provide a regional service in pest weed and feral animal control, with an emphasis on trapping, monitoring and eradication.

Land Management

Consulting & Community Engagement

Parakeelya provides consultancy services in the field of Community consultation, Aboriginal business development, financial management, and socio-development. 


Our consultants have a comprehensive range of skills and practical experience in the development of strategies and methods to develop, implement and manage a range of projects.


Labour hire and Workforce Management

Why should you use PLM for your Indigenous Labour Hire needs?

  • We provide skills training, mentoring and support to ensure our workforce is ‘work ready’ and managed by experienced supervisors.

  • We specialise in remote area labour hire and have links with a number of remote communities.

  • We have the experience to mobilise and support staff for short or long term projects.

  • We are flexible with our clients and their needs to ensure the staff we send you are the best possible fit with your organisation and its values.

  • We pre-screen our candidates and assist with ongoing training to help you get the right employee for the job.

Labour Hire

Featured Project

The Ringer Project


Stockmen, especially those that worked for extended periods of time on the land and on horseback, have considerable untapped knowledge of cultural heritage sites in remote areas.


Some of this knowledge is passed on from one to another over long periods of time and includes not only where sites are but stories about Country and Aboriginal/non-Aboriginal interaction and relationships. Many non-Aboriginal stockmen who worked with Aboriginal people were also privy to a considerable amount of cultural knowledge as a result of this.


Parakeelya’s aim is to work with retired Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal stockmen to identify sites and record experiences, and through this project build relations with pastoralists to identify and protect locations of cultural significance and knowledge.

Featured Project
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