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Building Opportunities

PACM strives to provide opportunities to indigenous suppliers and people. Our diverse range of projects provides a range of opportunities throughout our supply chain. 

Some recent opportunities for indegenous people that we have developed through our projects and partnerships:

  • 1 HVAC technician apprecticeship in Adelaide

  • 3 employees as general labourers SMA project Olympic Dam

  • 2 employees as plant operators Olympic dam​

  • 2 full time employees as project managers and site supervisors

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Join our Team

If you are interested in working with PACM we would love to hear from you.


We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic people, and sub-contractors from both indigenous and non- indigenous backgrounds


Through our variety of projects and partners across Australia we have opportunities in a range of work and positions for sub- contractors, full- time and part time employees, apprenticeships and traineeships.


PACM places a high importance on family and we are happy to try to find positions to balance work and family life.


If you have skills or ambition in any of these roles, or any other skills please register your interest using our form and we will be in touch if something comes up.


No marketing pitches please.


Office jobs

  • Architects, designers, drafting

  • Project managers, supervisors

  • Contract administrators

  • Office admin, secretarial services

  • Bookkeeping, Finance


Trade Positions

  • General labourers

  • Electrical services

  • HVAC and mechanical technicians

  • Asbestos removal

  • Fencing, Agricultural skills

  • Other trades



Growing Opportunities

Parakeelya is a desert plant native across Australia. The plant grows in harsh conditions and is eaten as bush tucker to support life. We have adopted the Parakeelya to be our emblem and strive to embody the same characteristics as our namesake

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